How to Successfully Market your Business – For Black Friday

It’s that time of year again where all the retailers are running around prepping their merch and business owners stressing with potential stock levels.

No, I’m not talking about Christmas, it’s Black Friday and one thing is for sure, a lot of cash is about to be splashed. 

Let’s face it, this shopping event needs no introduction as we’re sure that you’ve already been bombarded with the classic ‘30% off!!!’ and ‘best deals here!’ promos. Whether its through your emails, under your grandma’s shared facebook post or everywhere you look walking down your local town centre. It can be exhausting seeing all these different types of Black Friday marketing strategies and thinking: ‘How can I do this differently?’. 

Utilising the best (and most appropriate) Black Friday marketing strategies can make sure that your brand stands out from (what’s becoming a more and more) competitive market, but how you stand out is an entirely different story. 

Fortunately, we have created a 5-step-plan to help your business create a successful marketing strategy when the world-famous shopping weekend arises.

#1. Develop your Marketing Strategy as early as Possible

It’s like most things in life, you can’t leave everything to the final minute. Marketing strategies as a whole are not campaigns that are planned out overnight. They require a lot of persistence with trial and error as not everything will be correct and successful the first time around. It’s good to start off with conducting your own primary and secondary research to see what your target audience crave from the Black Friday event. What types of promotions are they expecting to see from you and your competitors etc. The last thing you need to do is create your special Black Friday deals when your target market are not interested in it.

Conducting your research can crossover with monitoring any external trends which you can use for your marketing material. This can range from using QR codes with special discount counts attached or using in-store games such as ‘spin the wheel to win prizes’ – encouraging customers to come into the shop as opposed to online shopping. 

These trends can only be identified if you research how effective they are, as early as possible to capitalise on consumer behaviour. One last thing to do when developing your strategy for this event is to plan out every last pricing strategy from the start of the Black Friday week (as we all know it’s not just a weekend, it’s the whole week). By this, you could start off by setting different prices for the same products each day leading up to Friday. This can have an influence on your stock – which we’ll talk more about in the next step

#2. Identify any Logistical Concerns with Suppliers

With all the political and economic concerns occurring in the past 2 years, one thing that’s been fluctuating frequently is business’s stock control. Large businesses such as Nandos and KFC have had a shortage of their chicken as a result of the Covid pandemic. While there is growing concerns now that technology retailers may have insufficient stock to meet the Black Friday demands as a result of the delays within the supply chain. 

Shortages of drivers and warehouse staff to send out purchased goods are also a worry for many businesses. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure that you stock the right amount of products to meet realistic demand. A good marketing tip to do in this situation is to be transparent with your customers by stating how much stock is left on your website. This could create more urgency for them to buy as once the products are sold out. That’s it. Well for that special one-off price anyway.

#3. Optimise Website for Mobile Conversions

According to statista, the number of smartphone users has increased to 6.3bn in 2021 (from 5bn in 2018).

Need I say more?

#4. A/B Split Test your E-mail Marketing Campaign

As you may know (in some form), email marketing plays a big role in Black Friday promotions. Although during this time, Black Friday emails will be pinging left, right and centre for everyone, it’s important to stand out from your competition on this front. This is where A/B split testing comes in. There are lots of variables you can change in your email ranging from email subject heading to the use of the imagery itself. 

A/B testing is a marketing method of comparing two versions of your emails against each other to determine which one performs better after you’ve selected a set amount of people to email to. In this case, testing different variations of your emails could result in higher conversions for your sales. For example, you could send off one email with the subject header being ‘30% OFF BLACK FRIDAY DEALS’ and another variation saying ‘CHECK OUT OUR BLACK FRIDAY DEALS’ and with these variations, focus on the first 10% of the senders who have opened it and analyse which variation performed best. After that, you can then start to see which email is more effective and has resulted in the higher open rates and conversions for your business. Who knows? Maybe in time you can even start to recycle the same successful strategy with this channel of marketing for next year’s Black Friday. 

Remember where I said in the first point about being persistent with trial and error?

Well, this is a classic example of that.

#5. Track and Analyse Results

I know what you’re thinking… well obviously we have to track and analyse our results! 

Yes this is key, however it’s what to use when tracking and analysing your Black Friday results that starts to get technical and confusing. 

Since we are in 2021 (soon to be 2022) you as a business will have multiple channels of marketing to monitor with different products being sold every minute so the key to all of this is creating one large database on Google Analytics. Here you can track everything from your store and your email campaigns. It is a tool that every business owner should be utilising. Especially during this period of shopping madness.

When Black Friday is over, as a business owner, you want to be able to analyse how you’ve done and see where you can improve on for the following year. If certain things of your marketing didn’t go to plan, how can you amend it so next time it does? Adding heat maps onto your website can also help out with showing where the higher percentage of your traffic are clicking on. The reports you get from this can make a huge difference to how you strategise moving forward for future Black Friday events or even other seasonal events that could benefit from a similar successful strategy.

If all of this seems overwhelming to you then look no further. 

Here at Digital Trend Marketing, we have a team of experts who can help devise a strategy for your Black Friday campaigns with all the boring reporting done alongside it.

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