Mini Checklist to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for You

Choosing a digital marketing agency can be a daunting process to undertake. Essentially their goal is to use different digital channels to drive traffic to your business and convert them into sales. And repeat. 

Before you say: ‘Is that it?’ or ‘why would I need an agency for that?’ 

Hear us out.  

Digital marketers have a plethora of experience between the team, with the occupation including a lot of trial-and-error tasks ranging from ads, SEOs and PPC.
Without using too much jargon, digital marketers essentially have a better insight into what tools/strategies are best used for the industry you’re operating in. 

  • Type ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ and see which are the top-ranked

There is usually a reason you get some agencies ranked at the highest and top of the search page. However, many technical SEO factors play a big role in their website ranking, which is usually the biggest reason. 

  • Read their Case Studies and Testimonials, Are they highly rated? 

You know nothing about which digital marketing agencies are good and which ones are not as good, so how are you going to narrow down your options to which one you want? The obvious answer is…the reviews. Usually, when digital marketing companies complete work for their clients, feedback is posted afterwards to show how well the standard of work was. This is either promoted on the company’s website, social media platforms or just a review when you search for them on Google. 

  • Are they well-rounded? 

Don’t get me wrong it’s always a good sign when you have a digital marketer who is specialised in a certain field whether that is an SEO specialist or a social media marketer. However, you’ll want to work with someone who knows all aspects of digital marketing together. These include the likes of: 

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • SEO
  • Web Developing and maintenance
  • Email content marketing

  • What Kinds of Promises are included/not included in the contract?

This is very important as it’s all well and good to stick to a legally obligated contract but there are key things to note as there are scams within our industry. Due to the nature of the sector, there are constant-ever-changing strategies and numbers. Therefore, if an agency promises any of the following: 

  • Getting instant results → digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. 
  • Reaching specific social media metrics (e.g. likes, follows, comments). → delivering an exact number on these metrics is just not realistic. 
  • Achieving exact email open rate or CTR → Like the reason above, it’s impossible to predict the exact goals that you will achieve, the goals can either overachieve or underachieve. 

As we touched on, content marketing can take anywhere between 6 months to years to show its first set of real results. Due to the constant dynamic changes of digital marketing and newer (more streamlined) software releasing every year, SEO takes the most effort to adjust to as every time a search engine adapts its algorithm, it can change your business’ performance within the ranking system. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a process that is heavily based on trial and error. 

  • Re-iterate your marketing objectives and ask if they’ve achieved this before

Although this point may come across as a little repetitive, knowing what you want before meeting with a marketing agency is imperative. Your objective is key when it comes to choosing a marketing agency as there are agencies that are specialised in certain skills and digital software (with a higher knowledge of specific industries) and then there are agencies that are more focused on integrated marketing (a process that joins all aspects of marketing to achieve a common business goal). 

Therefore, to be certain about choosing the right agency for you, ask the agency for detailed case studies of previous clients who they have worked with to achieve their marketing goals that are similar (if not the same) as what your company is seeking to gain. This should hopefully give you a more confident idea of who to choose because similar (successful) strategies can be implemented to help you outsmart your competition

I hope this gives you a brief idea of what to think about when choosing the right agency for you. 

While you’re reading this you might as well check out what we at Digital Trend Marketing could have to offer you and your business in achieving your marketing objectives.

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