5 Ways to Boost Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is huge for any and all businesses with a digital presence. The new generation of consumers want to feel attached to a business they shop with, whether it’s the common values they share with the brand or simply the products/services they provide them with.

With social media being around for (the better part of) a decade, consumers have seen businesses try and engage with them in all types of manner. Ultimately, it’s got to the point where they’ve started to notice a generic form of desperation with their engagement ‘baiting’. This has led many businesses to rethink their strategies for boosting brand engagement in a more creative and (dare I say) ‘down to earth’ manner to become more humanised with the consumers and target market.

Having said all of that, It wouldn’t be a blog without giving you an informative read on how these businesses can do so. 

So, the following are 5 ways businesses can do to boost their brand engagement:

#1 Fresh and Creative Marketing Content on Social Media 

Social media (as we all know by now) is massive to put it gently. People on the platform want to go on there to socialise, network, be entertained and even at times, be educated in creative ways. The best way to get your content trending on all platforms is by having people share it among their friends and family. Nearly every business now has a website that presents its products and services to the customers. However, the top brands go one step further by integrating social media with their websites resulting in a huge boost in their brand engagement metrics. 

Out of these top brands, only a select few post fresh and creative marketing content. The majority have a tendency to be repetitive with their social posting, but the few market leaders know how to utilise the platform to increase their own engagement using creative content. Out of the many examples we can give, one business that is fully optimising the platform’s potential is KFC. 

The KFC UK Twitter account is one of the best around in terms of their engagement. They capitalise on any ‘memes’ or funny news content by producing witty tweet quotes and even tweet celebrities who are known for their specialised tweets such as Jeremey Clarkson on A-Level results day. These are the types of creative marketing that users on social media engage with. It’s humanised, banterous and doesn’t shove products down the customer’s throat in a corporate tone.

#2 Creating a Community on Social Media

As is the fundamental basic rule of supply and demand, customers generally have a lot of tangible problems that need solving. They are a source of information needed when collecting market data. With social media, there are groups that can be created for the most simple reasons whether it’s a page for ‘Shrek Memes’ or ‘Sharks with human teeth’. Facebook has been a platform used more and more for their community groups and pages. Customers join these groups to share their common issues so they can relate to each other and maybe even overcome those issues. 

The sharing of these ideas creates a sense of community and cohesion amongst the users. But don’t think for one minute to create a community and let it handle itself. You’re going to need to be aware of what is being said in the community and offer your service whenever the right opportunity arises. There’s more to this however than just trying to sell your products and services in the community pages, you can use this platform to talk about other things such as news within the industry and how that may/may not impact the community as well as sharing your company’s achievements. As long as this remains consistent, then you should be able to increase your engagement through this method.

#3 Live Video Webinars

Live video sessions are very effective to boost your engagement. This not only humanises your brand but the simple fact that it’s also live shows a level of transparency that your business is willing to show to the customers. Showing a clear approach like this can make your brand more engaging as you are directly interacting and reaching out to the users and customers. This can give you the chance to answer questions that your potential customers will ask in the comments section or if you invite them into the webinar chat as well and vice versa, you could even ask them questions in return. This is a winning way to build trust between your company and customers. Remember, the more you try and humanise your brand the higher chance you’ll have of boosting your brand’s engagement.

#4 Show off Customer Testimonials/Reviews

Testimonials are integral in any strategy looking to boost brand engagement. They provide customers with the platform to express their feelings and experience after they’ve dealt with your business. Some marketers would say this is the most important feature of boosting your brand’s engagement and it’s pretty self-explanatory as at the end of the day, they are rating what you provide as a business to (potentially) other customers who are on the edge when it comes to wanting to purchase something from the company. 

You’ve probably noticed the more established companies encouraging their customers to provide reviews through social media channels, but there are plenty of other channels such as Google Reviews and Trust Pilot where customers can share their experiences. Most companies now even have a dedicated team where they respond to testimonials and reviews online. This method works wonders as you are essentially providing a more personalised service to the customers.

#5 Release Conversational Marketing

As is human nature, having conversations is mandatory to develop and nurture a relationship. According to research from Deloitte, 49% of online shoppers feel emotionally connected with the business they shop with online. Conversational marketing allows your business to build meaningful relationships with customers through real-time conversations. An established business – (don’t know if you’ve heard of them) in Domino’s Pizza have centred their business model around this form of marketing. Here they created ‘Anyware’, this is a piece of conversational marketing technology where customers can order platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Alex and even your own Smart TV. This is them providing a personalised experience for their customers while they order and its main objective was to make it easy for customers to order pizzas the way they want it. The result of this has helped Domino’s generate an extra 50% of their sales directly from this service. For a company of this stature, it speaks volumes. 

Overall these 5 ways can help any business boost its brand engagement to some capacity. Each method is catered for a specific type of business and is all dependent on the type of service they provide whether it’s selling products or providing a service. Regardless, any business type can learn from these steps and benefit greatly.

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