5 Reasons to use Instagram for Marketing

In the 9 years since Instagram became an acquisition of Facebook’s $1bn takeover, the platform has changed many of its features and even added new ones for digital marketing purposes. This has enriched Instagram and has made it one of the most sought-after social media marketing channels for businesses. 

The following are 5 reasons why Instagram is worth the investment into making a business account:

#1 An Increasingly Large Number of Active Users

To give a better understanding of how Instagram has transformed over the years, in 2013 they had 90m monthly active users. Fast forward to 2021, that figure has increased nearly 10 times to 1.075bn monthly users. The best part of this is that it’s not only a platform for B2C. According to TrackMaven’s research, B2B firms experience their largest engagement ratios on Instagram, so on average, the platform has the highest number of interactions per number of followers out of all the major social media platforms. 

#2 Easy to Monitor your Competitor’s Strategy

It’s basic marketing, if your competitors have an Instagram account and you don’t… then you’re giving them the competitive edge. You can see how your competitors are interacting with the specific demographic audience that you are also trying to attract. As we noted before, user engagement with businesses is at its highest on Instagram, therefore whatever your competition is doing frequently, it’s usually because the engagement with the target market is working efficiently.  This can have a huge influence on how you can define your target audience also! 

#3 Increase Brand Visibility and Engagement

By this we do mean it quite literally, the brand does become more visible with the users and they do engage more so with it through the visual aspect. A lot of companies do giveaway competitions and for users to enter they are required to do a couple of tasks. These tasks are what the companies want the users to do, but there’s usually a common denominator in these giveaways as (from experience) all tend to ask users to tag a couple of their friends, like and follow the page and then post the giveaway on their story. This giveaway competition is a very common (yet effective) way of increasing brand visibility and engagement with the users. 

#4 Makes your Brand Relatable

If there’s anything people love to see. No…it’s not memes, it is the fact that they can relate to a business. Whether it’s the core brand values, the tone of your content or even what the team are eating for lunch. The main part is to make the brand relatable to your target audience. This is what Instagram does so well. It allows you to incorporate all elements of your branding and lets you flesh it out in top quality, visual content.

#5 Building a Community

Like Twitter, Instagram works in a following/followers format where you can follow anyone you want and anyone can follow you! This format allows for an online community to be formed where you as a business can personally interact with people who follow the business and enjoy the content they receive. This can be done through the feature icons of ‘liking’ ‘commenting and ‘sharing’. The engagement with the community and loyalty to them would be hugely beneficial in the long term for your business, especially in a business that’s in a saturated market filled with competitors. It’s hard to differentiate yourself therefore, the best way to attract customers is to build an online community where loyalty can play a huge part in the products/services you push forward.

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